Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Anything worth transplanting is gone now. It feels good to see the flowers planted in the new beds and the rest of the stuff gone to new homes. There are still beds I need to divide up but for the main gardens, it will be tilled soon and new grass planted. Bob figures we need about 250 pavers to add to the existing ones to fill up the new patio area. I sure wish he'd get that moving. That could very well be the next job we tackle. No sense in pulling up the pavers and just stacking them, might as well plant them in their new home.
I think the pool lady is coming tonite or early tomorrow morning. It will be great to see that gone. I hope she enjoys it, last time I talked to her she sure sounded excited! I have enjoyed the pool alot over the years but it's time it goes on to someone else. I will miss it though. :(
Might go look at new furniture tonite up in Green Bay, got a noon meeting today, then eye doctor, home for a bit, Bob's got a dr.'s appt, so it's going to be a day of running. As much as I would have loved to sleep in today, no such luck. Too many things to get at!

Chloe was so funny yesterday. She has discovered that the swing is FUN! She woke up at 4am, crying by 4:30 so grandma lady got up with her. The first thing she did (after chasing all the cats and meowing) was to grab her shoes and say, "Shoes on?!" "Side?" Even before the sun was up, even before granny was awake, she's begging to go outside. What a little loveable nut!

Enjoy your day people. No matter how much you have to do, whatever chores are ahead of you, it's up to us to make it good. I plan on doing just that!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another dirty day

Gonna be another dirty day for this chick. Every muscle and joint in my body is screaming in pain but too bad, the job has to be done. It's coming along nicely out there, I should take another picture of our progress. Moved alot of plants, gave away alot, and more are going today. Tis a good thing! Share the wealth of foliage and flowers. I have to admit, it is funny to drive down our street...I see the same flowers as what I have in my garden. Maybe it's time to branch out and find more friends in other towns. LOL That's all for now, I gotta go dig. Have a good day no matter where you are or what you're up to! :)