Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Good Morning Everyone!
Looks like a lovely (but cool) Friday here in central Wisconsin. Almost feels like autumn! I have to wonder what's going on with the weather but it does make for some good working days. Not much heat and no humidity, keeps me moving and inspired.

It's been a busy week for me so far and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can finally stay home, working in the shop all day long! Monday was the last nite of the fused glass class. The students were happy with their finished pieces and we had lots to talk about. 2 of the pieces got trapped on the molds so I need to fix those... got 2 choices and it will be interesting to see which one I go with. Tuesday...I can't even remember Tuesday but I know I didn't spend the day in the shop. How sad is that? Wednesday was a quick run to Oshkosh to pick up some tempered glass. Free off of Craigslist...oh how I love that site! Went to Lowes as long as I was there and searched for rods for the last remaining glass flower garden stakes. I have to say, the guys there were extremely helpful and definately good lookin'! LOL I am not kidding, you couldn't turn a corner w/o being asked by at least 2 guys if you needed help. Not one of them was hard on the eye....yummm. I still have some copper pipe to cut down, hammer, and a few more "plate flowers" to put together, then I can start working on a new project that's been swimming in my head for the past few weeks. On my way home from Oshkosh, I got a call from 2 women that had been to the glass art exhibit in Waupaca, they wanted to come see the shop. It was very interesting to meet them as they had lived in Israel for the past 30 years and are now home in the states. Very cool! Thursday was spent at the biggest rummage sale in the world! Yikes that thing is huge!! But I have to admit, I was careful w/my $$ but I did find some neat stuff to haul home.

Today I'm off to work the gallery. I'll be bringing in the fused glass buttons, at least the ones I am willing to part with. How silly is that? They're just so much fun, I'm finding it hard to send them off to sell 'em. :) I will take about 30 of them though...maybe. ;) LOL I'll also be taking the last of the recycled teapot bird houses. I will miss those too. But I will be glad to see that display out of the shop. If I move one more table....I'll be able to fit the antique vanity in here for a new jewelry display. I'm looking forward to setting that up. Along with the new wool rug I bought yesterday for $12.00! That was a sweet find cuz it's in mint condition and wonderful autumn colors. :) :) :)

I hear that the art glass exhibit is going well, I've yet to go look at it so I hope I have some time this morning to hit that before heading into work. A quick stop at Kmart, then it's home to work again. Too much running this week! I feel like I'm not getting anything done and it's frustrating.

Just a busy week all around since we've had our d-i-l and granddaughter here as well. Bob's been working screwy shifts, add in the golf and it seems like we're 2 ships passing in the nite. But hope springs eternal....Next week will be better. ;) LOL

Of course when I think of all the classes I'll be teaching in August, that month will go by too fast as well. does one get everything done??? Tim will be back in school full time so I'll be babysitting for Chloe and that will take time away from the shop. But she's good for me and it's the perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy her while she's little. Hard to believe she'll be 2 on October 1st. She is my joy!

So that's all fron me this morning. Time to hit the shower, then hit the road. Be blessed in all you do today. Hug your babies, whether they be almost 2 or 52.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I miss making windows...

Just got done making the borders for 2 panels, they're going to be cabinet doors. Got the pattern done, glass cut, leaded, soldered, mud and whiting are on now. All that hands on business of the mud and whiting....sure makes me miss making windows! :( I think I need to put that on My List. I have one more panel to repair, the Vegas collages to finish up, a fused glass "cave man" dish to make, and probably some other things I'm forgetting about. Then I'm gonna build a window. I normally don't like to make them just for stock purposes, but sometimes we need to feed our souls. It might just have some "Tiffany" inspired parts in it. I have a stash of old BE ring mottle glass that I've been saving for just that, time to break it out and cut it up!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Toot! Toot!

Gotta toot my own horn today. This is pretty cool!

Toot! Toot!

LOL This is such an honor even if it makes me feel kind of dippy, embarrased.... yes, roll eyes here! But it's neat!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I like buttons!

I know these are just silly, but I love them! I can see these being used on a really funky shirt or even on a purse or handmade tote bag. Such Fun are my Funny Buttons!
This one is just divine. Rather large but for just the right purse or even a decorative button on a tote bag, whatever, it's a great button w/22kt gold leaves...perfect for autumn!

A mass shot, I so love the big 2" purple dragonfly one!

Fancied up with platinum!

Snowflakes and dragonfiles, flowers and butterflies, abstracts and retros....can't pick a favorite!

Ok, so I have to admit....when I was first approached about making fused glass buttons, I wasn't too hopped up on the idea. The $$ sounded nice, but the ones this woman showed me....aaaahhhh...not diggin' 'em. Know what I mean? It's not that they weren't nicely done, they were. Very clean, no haze, no wonkiness, but they were lacking something. Design wise.

Since I enjoy this woman's company, the gallery atmosphere is so much fun, lots of great art as well as artists....I agreed to make a few. LOL A few???!!!??? One thing lead to another...too many ideas, too many designs, too many colors and not knowing when to quit, I now have over 200 buttons! Normally, I don't like to toot my own horn, but these ROCK! The only ones that were really a pain to make were the 2 hole ones. Drilling thru glass is relatively simple as long as your diamond bit is sharp. Mine? not so much! :( I did manage to get thru the glass but I also ordered a dozen new bits. :) I can't wait to see these all finished up, the shanks glued on, packaged up, photographed, and priced, inventoried and up on Artfire, Photobucket, the gallery, and I'm going to be hitting some yarn shops and such to market them. Not all of them will be buttons, some could very well be pendants or pins, they're beautiful enough to be worn as jewelry too! I am so pleased w/how these turned out!

I never considered myself to be a button nut, but these may have changed my mind! Even my husband is asking me..."Did they really want this many?" I can't tell him the truth....I can't tell him that I am now a button freak. Not that he'd care, but he'd definately laugh at me! Heck, I am laughing at me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day!

It's cold today, perfect day for torching but I have to finish the frit on the new LSM piece. The kiln's still too hot to take out the Vegas pieces. I'm so anxious to see those! I'll get those foiled tomorrow at the hospital while I wait for Bob to get done w/his tests. I should spend the day working on glass cutting, get as much cut as I can since I'm not sure how much time I'll have to wait tomorrow.

Got a PM today, I might get to meet Luckywine next week! That would be so cool!! :) :) :) Her daughter lives in Hartford and they might drive up to see the shop. I'm encouraging them to make a day of it, visit the area, sternwheel cruise on the Chain o' Lakes in Waupaca, shop, eat, and just enjoy their time up north.

On a sad note, Peter's granddaughter was assulted. She's 13 and my heart goes out to them. It will take some time to get over that but God willing, they will come out the other side stronger than before. There are such terrible things that happen in this world but there are good things too. We do our best to deal w/the bad but we need to remember to focus on the good.

Be well my friends.