Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I like buttons!

I know these are just silly, but I love them! I can see these being used on a really funky shirt or even on a purse or handmade tote bag. Such Fun are my Funny Buttons!
This one is just divine. Rather large but for just the right purse or even a decorative button on a tote bag, whatever, it's a great button w/22kt gold leaves...perfect for autumn!

A mass shot, I so love the big 2" purple dragonfly one!

Fancied up with platinum!

Snowflakes and dragonfiles, flowers and butterflies, abstracts and retros....can't pick a favorite!

Ok, so I have to admit....when I was first approached about making fused glass buttons, I wasn't too hopped up on the idea. The $$ sounded nice, but the ones this woman showed me....aaaahhhh...not diggin' 'em. Know what I mean? It's not that they weren't nicely done, they were. Very clean, no haze, no wonkiness, but they were lacking something. Design wise.

Since I enjoy this woman's company, the gallery atmosphere is so much fun, lots of great art as well as artists....I agreed to make a few. LOL A few???!!!??? One thing lead to another...too many ideas, too many designs, too many colors and not knowing when to quit, I now have over 200 buttons! Normally, I don't like to toot my own horn, but these ROCK! The only ones that were really a pain to make were the 2 hole ones. Drilling thru glass is relatively simple as long as your diamond bit is sharp. Mine? not so much! :( I did manage to get thru the glass but I also ordered a dozen new bits. :) I can't wait to see these all finished up, the shanks glued on, packaged up, photographed, and priced, inventoried and up on Artfire, Photobucket, the gallery, and I'm going to be hitting some yarn shops and such to market them. Not all of them will be buttons, some could very well be pendants or pins, they're beautiful enough to be worn as jewelry too! I am so pleased w/how these turned out!

I never considered myself to be a button nut, but these may have changed my mind! Even my husband is asking me..."Did they really want this many?" I can't tell him the truth....I can't tell him that I am now a button freak. Not that he'd care, but he'd definately laugh at me! Heck, I am laughing at me!


  1. I've been trying to think of alternatives to the generic buttons I use on my felt flowers! These are beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Steph! I could hook you up w/some if you'd like. ;)