Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Morning World! :)

Once again, things are backed up and way too busy. It's so sunny today, only a few puffy clouds in the sky so it's gonna be a good day! I've taken pics of the new jewelry. The glass forum got hacked so I spent the last few days parked in the shop at the laptop, figured I might as well make myself useful (yeah Ruth...for a change!) so I sat, kept an eye on the forum waited for things to get corrected, and made jewelry. I treated myself and made 2 necklaces, a bracelet, and 2 pr of earrings. I always make things for others, this time it was for me. I love how everything turned out (if the camera batteries didn't die, I'd post pics!), now I just need a new summer shirt to go w/the one. Not my colors but I love this piece so I'm going for it. While I had everything out, I made lots of new goodies for Artfire. Got those pics taken, now just have to edit them and get the copy written so I can post some new things for sale.
The shop is still a royal wreck from the IL show. The show was so much fun! Got to see people I hadn't seen since last December so it was good to catch up with them again. I sold alot which is good for the checkbook, but still have enough left to send out to the shops and galleries so I felt caught up for about 2 days. I still have orders to get at, a repair (yuck!), and then get ready for the next show in May as well as a garden luncheon in May. Classes to prep for, and still have time for the family.
I babysat last nite for Chloe, she is just the light of my life! So full of love and giggles and jumps and dancing. The kids got her a new cat book, totally funny to read her that one cuz she has to stop at every page and "kiss the cats"! LOL What a nut! She's starting to string together words into sentences and that's a hoot! It's fascinating to watch her learn new things. She has discovered the grand fun of standing on the couch and diving off, head first into her little foam Tinkerbell couch! Up and down and up and down, repeatedly! Scares the crap outta me but she's pretty careful. Definately a little dare devil! That girl is a total delight! Every day is something new with her and I'm so fortunate to be able to watch her grow and discover this wonderful world around us all.
I better get dressed and on with the day. Gotta lot of work waiting for me again today. Enjoy!

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