Sunday, April 26, 2009

Help Needed

Find me a decent, low cost (read that as damn near free cuz we're so damn poor!) make over of the backyard. I'm bleary eyed from searching the net for ideas on what to do w/that space. The pool is going, the fence is being moved, pavers ripped up, gardens moved, all to make room for a new play area for the granddaughters and a seating area for us while we watch the little yard apes. I love those 2 girls more than life itself, they are the brightest spot in my dreary, work exhausted existance. But I am impatient. I want the yard done now. NOW! I want the patio done, the gardens planted, and the grass growing enough so we can let the little ones out there and I can concentrate on all the other wonderful aspects of my life, like work. Cuz that's all I know how to do is work, work, work. I've heard of people that enjoy their lives, and granted for the most part, I do enjoy mine, but I'm feeling a tad bit drained these days.

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