Thursday, September 10, 2009

What makes you giggle?

Ok, so I'm a bit different. Lots of things make me laugh and some are totally not appropriate to laugh about. Lately, there's been alot of stress in my life and some days it's really hard to find anything to laugh about. I live in a 3 generation household. My husband and I have welcomed our son, his g.f., and their 2 yr old daughter back home to live w/us while Boy Wonder goes back to school full time. Stressful? OMG, you're not kiddin'!!!!!!! The babe is great, a total joy, love her to pieces! The Boy? um, well let's just say he's taken procrastination to a whole new level when it comes to helping around the house. As a dad, he's wonderful. As a son, he's incredibly special. As a slob? Fan-Freakin'-Tastic!!!!!!!!!! I keep thinking...who is this kid? Who raised him? Then reality hits and I realize he's mine, I raised him, and he's not going away anytime soon. HELP ME!!!!!!!! I love him, I really do. He's my only son, and he's my youngest. He's funny as the day is long. He's just got a way of really pissing me off these days. And if he ever finds this blog, he's gonna be all over my butt for my "nasty ass remarks". Whatever Boy, shift it to the right and move along!

That being said, when I found this shirt, I knew I had to blog about it!

Ashli's Armoire on Artfire is a great shop! I poked around there this morning and found several pieces that I just adore! Everything is made with love and care and definately with a great sense of humor. With our little granddaughter living with us, the delight of having a wee one about again is so much fun. I could very easily, spoil her rotten. I can so see her wearing this little outfit this October!

Now just How Cute is this?!? I can't even imagine all the time it took to sew this up. Check out all the pictures Aubrey has of this darling Halloween outfit.

It just totally cracks me up how she turned Mickey Mouse into a jack-o-lantern (his ears are mini pumpkins, too funny!) and Minnie Mouse into a witch. Look at all those details! Fantastic Stuff!!! Her little girl is cute too, I wonder how much candy she had to bribe her with to get her to pose for the pictures? (I bet it wasn't as much as I'll need to bribe Boy to pick up the toys in the living room so *someone* can vacuum.....sigh...)

Another great find today is Myrna Migala. Very interesting watercolors! The first minute I saw her shop, I knew I was going to like her. She has cat and snowman paintings! :) 2 of my favorite things.

I love the personalities that Myrna has given her subjects. You look at the faces and really want to know what the kitties are thinking, or what the snowmen are whispering about. There's alot of talent here and it shows in her paintings. Her sky is awesome in the snowman painting. The shadowing on her snowmen...very cool. I haven't always liked watercolors, guess I'm just goofy that way. But these have me rethinking my orginial thoughts! I have a snowman collection (as well as a kitty collection) and I can see these 2 pieces as great additions to my collections. Myrna, job well done! I hope everyone has a chance to check out her shop!

She's riding Artfire's Crazy Train today! Give her link a click and have fun wandering about her shop, it's a wonderful experience and if you're like me, you may just find a piece or 2 to add to your collection!

Poking about all the different places on the net, I do find reasons to smile about, and yes, even laugh. I will make it a point to adjust my attitude today and count my blessings. I know it is a good thing we're doing for Boy and his little family, giving them a chance at a better life. It's not always easy living with them, but I'm pretty sure it's not always easy for them to live with me. So Boy, if you find this blog, I hope you read all the way to the end. I do love you and we will all make it thru this stressful time. Now, go pick up the toys and vacuum the living room. Do the sitting room while you're at it. LOL


  1. Deb you are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting my mommy shirt and that Halloween outfit :)). I wear that shirt all around town with my kids in tow, of course, and the laughs and comments I get are just hysterical!! My next shirt I am going to make myself is going to say, "I embarass my offspring". Anything to get a laugh :))

  2. Great selections! I like your attitude!!