Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diva Nite Success!

Here's a frame of handmade, lampwork jewelry....sold several! :)
Here's the main table, just a good cross section of the things I make. Sold lots of pendants and earrings in the tiered basket and 3 of my new "Diva" ladies!! Sweet!

The hanging display, the wine bottle lanterns were a huge hit. Could it be cuz of all the wine that we drank? naaaaa..... ;) LOL

The magnets had everyone cracking up!

Need a fast gift? How about a "$10.00 Quickie"?

The Big Tent, were all the fun was had!

Wow, what a nite! Shows are always alot of work but this one was the best. Torrential down-pour as I was walking out the door, good thing the van was already loaded or I may have thought twice!! Thankfully, it stopped raining just as we pulled into Oberstadts Landscape Center where the first annual Diva Nite was being held. Lots of great wine and desserts, fantastic people. They gave away a $500 shopping spree (but I didn't win) and loads of prizes! I can't wait for next year!!!!!

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