Tuesday, June 30, 2009



So here I am, in the shop, in my jammies (yeah, again....) trying to figure out all this new computer bullshit (sorry!), linking to this, banner here, edit that, get hits on this site to boost my ratings on that site and I am a Total Loser!!!!!! Can someone help me? LMAO Seriously, this is insanity at it's best. I read the words, I follow the instructions and NOTHING WORKS like it's suppose to. I even see all the "right stuff" in the preview pages, I SAVE it, it shows up like it should but when I go to the real page, it's not there. Grrr! I'm about ready to Nut Right Up!

Sorry for the rant, I just hate being stupid and frustrated.

Honest to pete, I used to be the one everyone came to, to fix their computer problems. Now? Ha! Stay away from me, I'm dark and twisty and just plain jinxed I do believe.

On the bright side, at least my latest test in the kiln looks like it may have worked. Not gonna tell you what it is just yet....hopefully you'll see a pic of the finished piece in the next few weeks. This is going to require a lot of hours working it but it should (I hope!) be worth it in the end.

In the mean time, I need to get to work on the Vegas collages done in glass. I think I finally have worked out the design in my noggin so now I can start cutting glass. Good times! lol

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