Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

LOL I'm in the shop, still in my jammies (I LOVE Working from HOME! tee-hee!), but I've managed to get alot done in the last 4 hours. Mostly working on updating my photobucket...

Yuck, a job I love to ignore but must be done! Got alot of pics up of some custom pieces I made in the last month, feels good to have that job behind me for a bit.

Here's some I did for Cindy Ripley...she wanted a bluejay in each frame along w/a flowering crab. Well, it looks like the pics have loaded above my blogging...but you're smart, you'll figure it out. I on the other hand....probably not! LOL I'm such a twit sometimes.
There's so much to do today, gotta run get some glass for a repair job. I sure hope I don't have to drive all the way to FDL....matching glass is not always easy when you don't know the manufacturor (sp?) (twit attack again) of the original glass. It will be fun though, digging thru glass usually is! :)
I had wanted to hit the torch today, it's gonna be a cool and breezy day. Perfect for sitting behind a 1500 degree torch, right next to a hot kiln. But....tomorrow's suppose to be cool too so I'll wait. The shop is a total disaster! I need to finish cleaning up before I can treat myself to a torch day. I did manage to get the van unloaded from Saturday's show (a rainy success but didn't get pics dang it all), got my new table set up for display in the shop (pics later, gotta vacuum!) and cleaned alot of glass. I'm so picked over though...I really need to spend some time working on pieces for My shop instead of the other shops and custom orders...too bad those take first priority. Sigh...but what's a glass addict to do? :)
I hope you all have a wonderful day! Enjoy whatever you're working on or with, wherever that may be!! Take good care of your loved ones, but can't take care of anyone until you take care of yourself. Be well my friends! :)

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